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Apr 21, 2016

Red Alarm was the second of four releases that coincided with the Virtual Boy North American launch.

It's a space shooter in the vein of Starfox, but the graphics are completely wireframe, similar to vector arcade games like Tempest or, more appropriately, Battlezone.

Red Alarm uses super ultra compressed voice samples and a blaring soundtrack with lots of high pitched noises accentuating the action.

Complete in box copies can be found relatively easily on eBay (as of 4/19/16) for approx $30.  Loose copies start at about $12.

I'm now a proud member of the Retro Junkies network!  Be sure to give a listen to all the Retro Junkies shows:


And while you're fishing for more free entertainment, may I suggest the BEST (ok, only) podcast about E.M. and Bingo Pinball, For Amusement Only: 


Thank you for listening, and watch out for KAOS - that Neural Net is gonna be a problem, I just know it.

Apr 7, 2016

Mario's Tennis was the pack-in game for the Virtual Boy.

Developed by R&D1, the same unit that developed the Virtual Boy hardware, it was a good showcase for the system.

Our next episode will cover Red Alarm.  Send in submissions on the hardware, Mario's Tennis, or Red Alarm to