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May 19, 2016

Galactic Pinball was the final launch title for the Virtual Boy in North America.

Using the concept of 'pinball in space', Intelligent Systems was able to craft a very enjoyable virtual pinball game.  In space, apparently, pinballs have been outlawed - only hockey pucks remain. 

Standard pinball mechanisms like flippers, pop bumpers, drop targets, kick out saucers and ramps are all represented.  

If you enjoy real physical pinball, I think you will find something to like in this game.  Not too 'video-gamey' while also not sticking to strictly a simulation of the physical and mechanical aspects of pinball, Galactic Pinball hits just the right balance.


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Thank you for listening.  Next time, we'll be talking about Virtual League Baseball, so knock out those cleats and bean the opposing team over and over until there are no more players left to oppose you.  Well, that's my strategy, at least.

May 5, 2016

Teleroboxer is a fantastic boxing game developed by Nintendo R&D1 for the launch of the Virtual Boy.

Teleroboxer is very similar to Punch Out!!! but differs in that it is very fast and you control each arm of your remote robot boxer individually.

It is difficult and fun - don't be afraid of a challenge.


Check out this awesome Virtual Boy cabinet, courtesy of my friend Chris:


Next episode will be Galactic Pinball!


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